Cakes Unlimited has a NEW number 912-667-1200  Cakes Unlimited has closed the retail store in Savannah and cakes will be available thru the Midway
Georgia operation by delivery. The new website will soon be up and running for all your cake supply needs.  Cake supplies will be shipped via UPS, FED EX. UPS details coming

This the " The ORIGINAL CAKES UNLIMITED" of Savannah,Ga.  CAKES UNLIMITED was the creation of LINDA WATERS, started in Hinesville, Ga. in 1976.  CAKES UNLIMITED moved to Savannah in 1975 and its 36 year legacy began.  CAKES UNLIMITED has been serving customers nationwide with CAKES and DECORATING SUPPLIES for over 35 years.  CAKES UNLIMITED has never been owned or operated by anyone other than its owner and founder LINDA WATERS.  Always ask before placing an order if this is the "ORIGINAL CAKES UNLIMITED"  of Savannah owned by LINDA WATERS.  Unfortunately, there are some copycats out there!  Report these to   There is legal liability for for deliberate misrepresentation. If you have tasted LINDA WATERS CAKES UNLIMITED CAKES  you know the taste is UNFORGETABLE!   Consistent QUALITY & SERVICE is what LINDA WATERS has always believed to be the customers right, and 40 plus YEARS has proven her to be right.  THANK YOU to all of those customers and HELLO to the new.  For information on LWISCA LINDA WATERS  CAKE DECORATING, CONFECTIONERY & COOKING SCHOOL e-mail

The cakes aren't the only thing "rising" at Cakes Unlimited..A competitor told an old customer that "Ms. Linda" had died and even described attending the funeral..(imagine the customers surprise when she saw a photo of me in the paper!!  WHAT!!  sorry but I must have missed the event  THANK GOD! I must have been baking.

Heart shaped cake w/beautiful red icing roses,  set of red plastic toasting glasses in a ribboned  basket 
# 1 = 6"   PKG DEAL = 45.95  
# 2 = 9"   PKG DEAL = 55.95
# 3 = 12" PKG DEAL = 75.95   
 #4 = 15" PKG DEAL = 85.95 

 Local Delivery available or shipped

CALL 912-667-1200
Heart Shaped 
In store pick up
                                       Cost      Serves
6"X2"   heart cake       $  25.00      (6)
9"X2"   heart cake       $  28.00      (10-12)
12"X2"  heart cake      $  49.00      (18-20)
15"X2"  heart cake      $  69.00      (30)
 7"X3"   heart cake      $ 32.00       (12)
10"X3"  heart              $ 59.00       (25-30)
13"X3"  heart              $ 89.00       (45-50)